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Books & Articles

A Selection of Articles:

Jati Kutta: the street dog, the servant, and me,” Between the Species, Vol 25 (1), April 2022.

Safety first… unless it’s the planet or the RCMP worksite at Fairy Creek,” Medium, June 30, 2021 

COVID-19 isn’t the only sickness spreading through meat plants,” Medium, May 7, 2020

A palate for pestilence: Ominous links between COVID-19 and industrial animal farming,” Sentient Media, March 19, 2020

The collapsing cosmos: What’s Pharaoh got to do with it?,” Clarion Journal of Spirituality & Justice, February 1, 2020

Narcissism is our greatest problem, not wild animals,”
Times Colonist, July 7, 2019

On goat-herding, politics, and Judeo-Christian principles,”
Clarion Journal of Spirituality & Justice, June 28, 2019

Eating our way to environmental ruin,”
Times Colonist, March 24, 2019

Never mind the Bengal Room – what about the tiger?”
Times Colonist, June 23, 2016

In defense of dogs: Srinagar needs its street dogs. Here’s why…”
Greater Kashmir, March 14, 2015

Perilous pathogens and pathological PR: The rabies war in Bali,”
Animals 24-7, May 2, 2014

It will go astray sans strays,”
Bangalore Mirror, Nov 24, 2010

Books to Which I have Contributed:

Lisa Warden, “Street Dogs, Rights, and the Pursuit of Justice in India’s Dogopolis,” in Dog’s Best Friend? Rethinking Human-Canid Relations. McGill-Queens University Press, 2019. Edited by John Sorenson and Atsuko Matsuoka.

Lisa Warden (editor), Diplomat, Dissident, Spook: A Canadian Diplomat’s Chronicles Through the Cold War and Beyond. Tellwell, 2017. The posthumous memoirs of Ambassador Bill Warden. Foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev.

Lisa Warden, “Simplicity, Complexity, and Chaos in ABC: Obstacles to the Successful Implementation of Dog Population Management in India,” in Critical Animal Studies: Thinking the Unthinkable. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2014. Edited by John Sorenson.

Lisa Warden, “Extract,” in Truth is Stranger than Fiction 2: A Collection of Life Writings. Canterbury Christ Church University, 2013.